2019 Matchday Tea Rota  updated 11th July    
Thursday 16th May   Ladies Roger Hazell & Steve Foster 2T T&C Wealdstone 2.00pm
Saturday 18th May    Fr Jim Wilson & Michael Standen &Victoria jannine 5T T&C Deane Park 2.30pm
Monday 20th May  Ch Brian & Wendy Jeffrey 3T T&C Eastcote 2.00pm
Wednesday 22nd May Fr evening match no teas and cakes 4t   Mill 6.15pm
Thursday 30th May  Vets Peggy Delacy & Steve Moss 3t T&C Pinner 2.00pm
Saturday 1st June    Fr Steve & Diane Foster 3t T&C West Harrow 2.30pm
Sunday 9th June     Fr Mary O'Beirne & Jean Moss 3t T&C Cowley 2.30pm
Saturday 15th June   Fr Pat & Pete ashford 4t T&C Pinner 2.00pm
Monday 17th June  Fr Michael Standen & Victoria & Roy Partner 5t T&C Ruislip 2.00pm
Thursday 20th June  Vets Doris Gallagher & Brian Page 3t T&C Northwood 2.00pm
Thursday 27th June   Vets Robert Billiing & Jill Brinkworth 3t T&C Century 2.00pm
Wednesday 3rd July  ch evening match no tea and cakes 3t   Ladygate 6.15pm
Thursday 4th July Roger Hazell & Dennis Hunt 2t   Wealdstne Ldy 2.00pm
Saturday 6th July  ch Dennis & Maureen Hunt 4t T&C Mill 2.30pm
Sunday 7th July     Fr Anne & Ian Crew 4t T&C Court Park 2.00pm
Tuesday 16th July  Ch cancelled Cancelld Cancelled Uxbridge cancelled
Thursday 18th July   Vets Kamran Shodja & Carole Dodd   3T T&C Lupton 2.00pm
Thursday 25th July   Vets Pat Ashford & Ron Bryant 3T T&C Woodcock park 2.00pm
Monday 29th July    Vets Yvonne & Alan Lygo 3T T&C Deane Park 2.00pm
Saturday 3rd August    fr Tom & Jan Cheetham 3t T&C Pitshanger 2.30pm
  Sunday 4th August   Ladies Roger Hazell & Roy Partner 3t T&C Deane Park 2.30pm
  Tuesday 13th August  Vets Baz Smithson & Brian Collinge 3T T&C Harrow weald 2.00pm
  Sunday 15th September     Fr Maureen & Dennis Hunt & Renee Hurt 5t T&C Deane Park 2.30pm
  Monday 16th Sept Ladies Tom Cheetham & Pete Ashford 2t T&C Ruislip 2.00pm
  Saturday 21st September  fr John Belle Isle + another 3t T&C North Greenford 2.30pm
  Tuesday 24th September  Fr Baz & Patricia Smithson 3T T&C Harlington 2.00pm